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Sliding Luigi!


Sliding Luigi!

Requested by Monkan

Sketch Jam 003

Some sketches!

The top left face in the second image is probably an attempt at Korra and I think there’s a doodle of Soli from the Meek on that third drawing… ! Totally forgot I drew that!


This was my last PE art trade, I drew it for Amber – her character Merlin. 🙂

Sliding Figaro Bros!


Sliding Figaro Bros!

requested by kichisu


Went on a spontaneous trip to my old friend Tess the other week! I needed a break from my brain and it sure was a great break because I
1. Got things done!
2. Got to discuss stuff I’m working on with someone!

We read eachothers stories and doodled eachother’s characters. 🙂 I was happy to finally be able to show someone my revised comic script! Here’s my take on her character Adrian!

Sliding Mario

My standin- Mario for Agz on her Mario Monday thing, where she draws 1 mario every monday. She needed this monday off so… I drew her one!

Thinking about making a Sliding Sunday. What do you think about that idea?

Vargen (The Wolf)

From a sketch jam a year ago. We were to interpret characters from the Swedish comics/cartoon Bamse into humans. We got random characters. I got Vargen (The Wolf)! 🙂

Trust a me!

Happy Birthday Kichisu! <3

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