“Na Na Nah!” – Keeping the Dream Alive

I drew this for my step-brother this christmas! I had it printed on a 105 cm x 45 cm tall canvas. 🙂

It’s a tribute to some of my favourite musicians: Movits and Timbuktu . The reason why I wanted to draw them was because:

1. They make great, inspiring music. And I thought they would be a challenge to draw.

2. I can’t stop listening to this song (“Na Na Nah!”) : it’s about keeping your dream alive (music, art, go to space, make the impossible possible!).

3. I noticed my step-brother listened to Movits through Facebook and this picture came to my head. I have promised him a drawing for years and been thinking a lot about what I possibly could draw for him. With this picture floating around in my head I knew it would be something he would like, and I really wanted to make something big and special for him! I think he really liked it!

Here’s the song and here’s what the canvas looks like on his wall!

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