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SIS 2015

Going to the Stockholm International Comic Festival at Kulturhuset this weekend? Then this is where you’ll find me and my comic The Din (F37)!

I’ll bring the prologue and the first chapter of the webcomic The Din – a book of approx. 100 pages.

This time it’s in full color and 10+ extra pages compared to last year’s black/white edidion. Will also bring some prints and old fanzines!

Stop by and hang out in my corner!

The Din: WIPS 02


Various of sketches for the extra few pages I will add to the prologue of The Din. 🙂

The reason why I am adding these extra few pages is to bind the past with the present in a more clear manner.

The Din: WIP art

Some WIP Art from Chapter 1 and
The Prologue of The Din – my online comic. 🙂


Misshapen Family

Some more character sketches I did for Chapter 1 of The Din. The misshape family.

Skifvall / Skyfall Family

Some character sketches from drawing Chapter 1 of The Din.

Lorentz, Tova and Merleva!

The Din: Props


Some prop studies for Chapter 1 of The Din. 🙂 Dining hall of the Emilio Mansion, the radio at the bar/pub in Venessie and Gregg’s boys room.

The Din: Character Studies

Some more character sketches for Chapter 1 of The Din!

Misshapen rebels, The captain of Explorer 7 and a younger Lorentz, Sixten (Chauffeur and servant of the Emilio family), a random bartender and finally John Smithens (Major of Richbrille).

Fozt Vastlander and kids

Character sketches for Chapter 1 of The Din!

Fozt – left one a little bit younger and in a more stable state
and right one is abit older in his less stable state (Chapter 1) and the kids would be Fozt’s kids!

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