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Emilio Family + Elsa

Character sketches of the Emilio family and Gregg’s friend Elsa. Studies for drawing Chapter 1 of The Din.

Die from flying or die for never trying?

Quick doodle of Gregg from my comic The Din.

Die from flying or die for never trying?

Older Urban

Random guy lighting his cig!

I’m trying to draw more – have been inking and editing way too much lately!


Elsa and Gregg! <3

Browsing through old sketches for The Din. Some sketches I tend to like more than the final inked version.

These sketches are from Chapter 2. I think they are a great example of when the sketches are more expressive. Even though the proportions and posing are a bit off I really think the emotion is pushed more and it really looks like the characters are embracing eachother, more than in the final version of the page.

It’s almost like the characters lost the “connection” towards eachother. It’s really interesting when you compare. I need to experiment and find a better way to keep that connection even in the inked version. 🙂 Challenging!

The Din doodle batch

Lotsa Greggs! Age ranges from 14 – 18 here…  Good practise! Need to make the age more clear in every chapter, it’s been very difficult this far. But fun!

Sketch from Chapter 1. Yeah,  Fozt really messed it up this time…

Gregg doodle! Can’t wait until I get to start drawing Chapter 4! 🙂

Lorentz. He is working on something…


Omg, that duck!

Some weird mix of The Din doodles and rand-… OH GOSH, THAT DUCK!!!

Sketches from small book

Found in my sketch book. Lorentz, Fozt and a horse with a serious problem… Haha!

Random doodles found in my sketch book.

Think it’s from new years?

Very early sketch of this page from Teddy and the Yeti. 🙂

Somehow some of the expressions and gestures on this really rough sketch looks much better here than in the final result. Something I need to work on a lot when it comes to comics. Keeping the picture alive throughout the process of sketching, cleaning up, inking etc. Not overworking it…

Found this in my small sketch book. I think it’s Monni’s Ulf Bertil and two random dudes… XD

City in Ruins

An inked panel of a city in ruins. From the overhaul of Chapter 1 of The Din. One of my favorite panels!

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