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WIPs and Doodles

Doodle of an old character of mine: Joiishen Awan Mats Suumien!

An other WIP of the demon I’m drawing for a friend of mine.
I’ve let him wait for this way too long. But it’s sooooon finished! 😀

Frank and Gregg

Some doodles. First one is of Frank and Gregg and the last one is of my old characters Lindenn and Ihodaddh.

Sketch Jam 006

Sketches from 2011.


Old character of mine weee, so funny. <3

Iho Painting

I’ve posted a photo of this one before. But this here is a scanned version. I drew this for one of my long time friends who wanted a painting of this character: it’s one of my old ones! She has an other drawing of this character that I drew back in 2000 on her wall…

This spring she was to move away from the city I currently live in so… I saw that as an opportunity to finally paint her this as a parting gift! <3


Decided to make a quick bigger-version-paintover of my twitter icon
since the new Twitter layout shows bigger icons than 100 x 100 and
this face used to be only 100 x 100 and I forgot where I put the original.
Longest sentance ever. 🙂

Good ol’ Ihodaddh with his red hair, dots and blank expression. :3

Sketch Jam 001

This week’s Sketch Jam doodles!
Sketch Jam = some of my friends and co-workers meet up once a week to sketch together. Once in a while I tag a long. In the end of the jam each one of us have to come up with a word – and with all words mixed together we all try to draw something from it.

Warm up doodles


Lorentz and Fozt

Random doodles

Lady Gaga

Old characters. Iho and Joishen Awan

Mostly sketches of Edmund!

Drawn on themes

Themes: Axe, Memories, Park Bench, Canned Food, African

Thumbnail sketch

365 – T.W.S.A.M.C.T.L. part 2

In this 365-project post I am posting a second round of my T.W.S.A.M.C.T.L. characters! Read about T.W.S.A.M.C.T.L. in my first part’s post. 🙂

This was originally drawn: 2010 May 16:th – 2010 April 23:rd.

Terrline Zinch from T.W.S.A.M.C.T.L. Nienah Zinch from T.W.S.A.M.C.T.L. Zocha Zinch from T.W.S.A.M.C.T.L.

The royal family of Zinch. Zocha is the leader of the village – not a very good one at that.

Tonas from T.W.S.A.M.C.T.L.

Tonas, the self obsessed tailor

Farrey from T.W.S.A.M.C.T.L.

Farrey, the tailor who really does all the work.

Shauren from T.W.S.A.M.C.T.L.

Shauren, Lindenn’s love to human kind.
(Lindenn is a character posted in the part 1 post)

Mosie from T.W.S.A.M.C.T.L.

Mosie, the craftsman whoa makes ink, paper and the like. Also a tree axtruem, thus loves to climb trees!

Karin Rindevall May 2010 Portrait

An other portrait of myself! I don’t remember
what I am holding in my hand but I guess it’s either
a small package of butter or my new ear plugs!

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