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And this is why I build 3D ref…

And this is why I build 3D ref! There is no way I could’ve gotten the angles right without the airplane model I built… !

When I modeled and drew these aircrafts I asked myself “How the hell do the pilots shoot with the machine guns without shooting at the propeller!?”. I looked it up and apparently the propellers inward side deflects the bullets (Augh! Won’t the pilot get shot then?) but later they were able to synchronize the bullets with the milisecond gaps in the propeller. Amazing early technoloy? Yes.

Sketch from my comic The Din.

Airplane 3D reference

An other 3D ref for The Din that I made a few weeks ago! This one got a bit messy… Made quick reference objects for eventual paint and simple edge cuts for the rudders. (This is why it looks like there is pizza planted on the top of the wings…!) This airplane model is based on the Sopwith Camel airplane! First flight in 1916! 🙂

Carriage 3D ref

An other ref for the comic! This one looks weird without a horse but I’m not planning on building and rigging one just yet.

Sixten’s Car 3D ref

Finally made a 3D ref of Sixten’s vehicle in my comic The Din!

Quick, low & unoptimized – just for ref. I love making these because it’s just like sketching. Doesn’t matter if it’s messy, because you are just going to use it as a guideline.

The inside is not made yet. I think that will be a separate ref!

Based on a couple of vehicles from the 30’s-40’s! Daimler, Morris and Rover.

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