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Traditional Dude and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Found in my sketch book – doodled while visiting Diana! <3

An unfinished TMNT fan art!
From my TMNT 2003 fan-tard-ing back in 2011.

(Ok, I’m still a fan of TMNT… there, I said it. <3)

Random doodles

Some more random doodles and sketches from my small sketch book! Wee!

Running Pilot



Thought I’d make a proper post of my 2D-animated pilot. 🙂 The other one didn’t have any animations.

This is for a game I am making with Robe during our spare time.

The Din doodle & WIP dump

Some doodles, sketches and WIP of pages of The Din.


” Well, this sucks… “

Sketched version of Page 35 of The Din‘s Chapter 1.

Reference/Concept for Chapter 1.

Tova and Lorentz!

The Din Art and Doodles

Some drawings and doodles of character from my comic The Din. 🙂

Tova and Lorentz.

Denilou marker doodle!

Colored version of this image. 🙂 Tova, Merleva and Lorentz.



WIPs and Doodles

Doodle of an old character of mine: Joiishen Awan Mats Suumien!

An other WIP of the demon I’m drawing for a friend of mine.
I’ve let him wait for this way too long. But it’s sooooon finished! 😀

Pirate Parrot

Currently setting this guy up for cleanup, rigging and animation. 🙂 Supposed to be a pirate parrot – even though it doesn’t look much like a parrot per se…

Gonna be fun to animate! 😀

Pilot Game Mock-ups

Some mockups / concepts for the pilot game!

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