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Sketch Jam 003

Some sketches!

The top left face in the second image is probably an attempt at Korra and I think there’s a doodle of Soli from the Meek on that third drawing… ! Totally forgot I drew that!


This one goes to vinterhjarta from that fandom meme! <3 I was going to draw something from ATLA but since it’s been so long since I started making that meme, I’ll give you Korra! 😀

Finally started to watch Korra. Wanted to wait for all of the episodes to come out but since it’s so hard to avoid spoilers these days we decided to finally start watching it. :3

365 – Avatar the Last Airbender

This week is Avatar the Last Airbender! 31:st January to 6:th February! 🙂

Avatar Aang





Iroh and Zuko 🙂

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