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Omg, that duck!

Some weird mix of The Din doodles and rand-… OH GOSH, THAT DUCK!!!

MilMo Comic – Parody


Drawn during the Junebud days!

We were brainstorming comic stuff for the comic about MilMo.
This one never got official for obvious reasons.
Kind of like it though! 🙂

MilMo still exists even after Junebud’s demise – but it’s
developed by an other studio. Can’t wait to see what happens
to MilMo this year!

Sketches from small book

Found in my sketch book. Lorentz, Fozt and a horse with a serious problem… Haha!

Random doodles found in my sketch book.

Think it’s from new years?

Very early sketch of this page from Teddy and the Yeti. 🙂

Somehow some of the expressions and gestures on this really rough sketch looks much better here than in the final result. Something I need to work on a lot when it comes to comics. Keeping the picture alive throughout the process of sketching, cleaning up, inking etc. Not overworking it…

Found this in my small sketch book. I think it’s Monni’s Ulf Bertil and two random dudes… XD

Lotsa Lous

A post of Lorentz sketches. Lorentz is from The Din, my online comic. 🙂

In fact I still have a hard time drawing his face since it’s been a while
between finishing Chapter 3, Chapter 2 and going back to redraw
Chapter 1.

Sure, I’ve still been drawing him between these chapters! But not in a
serious “get his face on the damn comic page!”-manner. Just aimless
doodling without thinking too much about his traits. But I’m getting
there again… getting there! 🙂

Teddy and the Yeti

The late 2012 I was asked to draw some pages for Jeff McClelland’s comic Teddy and the Yeti! I usually color covers and pages for Jeff but this time he was so kind to ask me to draw some pages from scratch in full color. Which was truly an honor! Here are a few drawings and WIP’s of the process of making those pages.

Character Lineup

Early sketch of a panel

Early sketch of an establishing shot

Same establishing shot but inked

I think these pages will be in the next issue.
I am really excited to see those pages printed!

See and read more about Jeff’s work over at his blog!

The Din doodle & WIP dump

Some doodles, sketches and WIP of pages of The Din.


” Well, this sucks… “

Sketched version of Page 35 of The Din‘s Chapter 1.

Reference/Concept for Chapter 1.

Tova and Lorentz!

Frank and Gregg

Some doodles. First one is of Frank and Gregg and the last one is of my old characters Lindenn and Ihodaddh.

The Din WIPs

Some WIP’s of The Din Chapter 1. 🙂

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