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The Din doodle & WIP dump

Some doodles, sketches and WIP of pages of The Din.


” Well, this sucks… “

Sketched version of Page 35 of The Din‘s Chapter 1.

Reference/Concept for Chapter 1.

Tova and Lorentz!

Tony Stark Doodles

Found some old Avengers inspired doodles… mostly Tony in these doodles!

I think I made a 3D model out of that lil Robot guy at the top. Now where did I put it…

The Din Art and Doodles

Some drawings and doodles of character from my comic The Din. 🙂

Tova and Lorentz.

Denilou marker doodle!

Colored version of this image. 🙂 Tova, Merleva and Lorentz.



WIPs and Doodles

Doodle of an old character of mine: Joiishen Awan Mats Suumien!

An other WIP of the demon I’m drawing for a friend of mine.
I’ve let him wait for this way too long. But it’s sooooon finished! 😀

Frank and Gregg

Some doodles. First one is of Frank and Gregg and the last one is of my old characters Lindenn and Ihodaddh.

Cid Highwind

Found an old fan art of Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII that I drew back in 1998 (when I was 12. xD). Drew a quick new Cid Highwind with the expression I think I tried to give him back in 1998…


Ad doodle

A tiny doodle that I made right beside this drawing of Adrian that I made for my friend Tess. 🙂

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