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Frank and Gregg

Some doodles. First one is of Frank and Gregg and the last one is of my old characters Lindenn and Ihodaddh.

The Din sketches

Some sketches and studies for the next chapters of The Din. These were made 2011 and 2012.

The Din Sketches and Doodles

Some old The Din doodles and sketches I found in my Comic-Work-folder. 🙂 Wee.

Quick Colortest The Din

Did a quick color test of one of the panels of The Din. Maybe once I’m done redrawing Chapter 1 and back on regular updates, I will consider getting colors into the pages…!

Sketches 001


Some random sketches. Mostly characters from The Din.

The Din Update – Chapter 2 – Page 47

Elsa and Gregg.

Updated The Din last Saturday
with the final page of Chapter 2!
Info about the next chapter will be
posted on next Saturday!

The Din Update – Chapter 2 – Page 46

Gregg does not approve.

Updated The Din last Saturday!

The Din Update – Chapter 2 – Page 45

Gregg is off to tell the news to his best friend.

Updated The Din today!

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