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Teddy and the Yeti

The late 2012 I was asked to draw some pages for Jeff McClelland’s comic Teddy and the Yeti! I usually color covers and pages for Jeff but this time he was so kind to ask me to draw some pages from scratch in full color. Which was truly an honor! Here are a few drawings and WIP’s of the process of making those pages.

Character Lineup

Early sketch of a panel

Early sketch of an establishing shot

Same establishing shot but inked

I think these pages will be in the next issue.
I am really excited to see those pages printed!

See and read more about Jeff’s work over at his blog!


Panel of the short comic I’m drawing for Jeff. I’m actually finished with it now!

Every time I color my line art or someone else’s lineart and look at it I ask myself: Why the hell don’t I color my own comic, The Din?

Answer is I wouldn’t be able to draw 1 page a week if I did… no matter how quick coloring I make. Sad, but true! Maybe I should hire a flatter… !?


Teddy and the Yeti covers – part 2

Here’s an other cover I colored for Jeff McClelland.
This one is drawn by Todd Nauck and it’s of Mr. Massive – an other project by Jeff!

Hey, if you want to read more up to date posts on Jeff, Teddy and the Yeti and his other projects – you should go visit his blog! 🙂

If you want to buy Teddy and the Yeti, head over to the webpage.

Teddy and the Yeti covers – part 1

I thought I’d post the covers I colored for Teddy and the Yeti by the awesome Jeff McClelland!
I need to make more shout outs about TatY because it’s a great comic and I love comics! (I wonder why I haven’t made more noise about it before, actually)

I am honored and proud to have been coloring covers and some pages for Jeff and the awesome artists who are or have been part of the project – and I always wanted to share some of the work we have done together!

Here’s the cover I colored of the first issue of Teddy and the Yeti.
Penciled by Phillip Hester and inked by Duane Redhead.

You can buy Teddy and the Yeti over here: the Yeti Store!

Stay tuned for more posts of Teddy and the Yeti!

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