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The Din is back!

The webcomic The Din has relaunched!

I am happy to announce that The Din is finally up and running again. A whole lot was redrawn, reformatted and also rewritten for print. It took longer than I had expected but I am so happy that it’s been done! The comic and writing is so much better now! I can’t wait to show you all of it!

Please, help me spread the word to old and new readers! <3

The Din is a long form webcomic, set in a world where humanity has been reduced and diseased by an unknown force that makes all Technology emit a fatal sound. For safety, all Technology is disposed of. The comic is set in the aftermath long after, when Technology is slowly being rebuilt again, with different means, by various forces.

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The Din: WIP art

Some WIP Art from Chapter 1 and
The Prologue of The Din – my online comic. 🙂


Skifvall / Skyfall Family

Some character sketches from drawing Chapter 1 of The Din.

Lorentz, Tova and Merleva!

The Din: Character Studies

Some more character sketches for Chapter 1 of The Din!

Misshapen rebels, The captain of Explorer 7 and a younger Lorentz, Sixten (Chauffeur and servant of the Emilio family), a random bartender and finally John Smithens (Major of Richbrille).

The Din doodle batch

Lotsa Greggs! Age ranges from 14 – 18 here…  Good practise! Need to make the age more clear in every chapter, it’s been very difficult this far. But fun!

Sketch from Chapter 1. Yeah,  Fozt really messed it up this time…

Gregg doodle! Can’t wait until I get to start drawing Chapter 4! 🙂

Lorentz. He is working on something…


Omg, that duck!

Some weird mix of The Din doodles and rand-… OH GOSH, THAT DUCK!!!

Lotsa Lous

A post of Lorentz sketches. Lorentz is from The Din, my online comic. 🙂

In fact I still have a hard time drawing his face since it’s been a while
between finishing Chapter 3, Chapter 2 and going back to redraw
Chapter 1.

Sure, I’ve still been drawing him between these chapters! But not in a
serious “get his face on the damn comic page!”-manner. Just aimless
doodling without thinking too much about his traits. But I’m getting
there again… getting there! 🙂

Stop being such a dramaqueen…

Stop being such a drama queen, Fozt, and get your ass inked already…
(He’s already inked now since weeks back but I wanted to post this
anyway! hehe)

From my comic The Din.

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