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The Din: WIP art

Some WIP Art from Chapter 1 and
The Prologue of The Din – my online comic. 🙂


Skifvall / Skyfall Family

Some character sketches from drawing Chapter 1 of The Din.

Lorentz, Tova and Merleva!

The Din Art and Doodles

Some drawings and doodles of character from my comic The Din. 🙂

Tova and Lorentz.

Denilou marker doodle!

Colored version of this image. 🙂 Tova, Merleva and Lorentz.



The Din Sketches and Doodles

Some old The Din doodles and sketches I found in my Comic-Work-folder. 🙂 Wee.

This Family

I usually don’t draw much cuddly stuff but this family makes me want to draw all the cuddly stuff!!! <3

Might color this some day!

You pick me up!

You pick me up!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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