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MilMo Comic – Parody


Drawn during the Junebud days!

We were brainstorming comic stuff for the comic about MilMo.
This one never got official for obvious reasons.
Kind of like it though! 🙂

MilMo still exists even after Junebud’s demise – but it’s
developed by an other studio. Can’t wait to see what happens
to MilMo this year!

Showreel 2012

Put together a showreel last week!

These animations, particle effects, riggs, projectiles, other art assets were made while working for Junebud 2008-2012 (most animations in this reel are from 2011-2012, though).

Programs used: Maya, Photoshop CS4, RangeSpline, Unity 3D

I lost my job a few weeks ago due to a bankruptcy. Currently looking for a new job as an animator and game artist! 🙂

MilMo: Mice & Maniax

We released the beginning of a new game world in MilMo the other week. 🙂 It’s called Mice & Maniax and I am super excited and proud about this setting. For those who don’t play MilMo I will show you some screenshots and a short trailer of Mice & Maniax!

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

MilMo game play video – quest

Here’s our new video of MilMo! Check it out!

MilMo – Fun is just a click away

We finally released the closed beta of MilMo on the 21:st of December. I have been really slow on announcing it. If you want a key for the closed beta, make sure to sign up on our homepage. 🙂
MilMo splash screen 2009

So, what’s different about MilMo compared to other
Free-to-Play games that you see everywhere these days?

* It’s a browser game in full 3D – which means you can play it directly in your web browser!
* No heavy .exe-downloads, you can play it right away!
* It’s action adventure-centered: retro adventure game glory!
* And personally, I love the character customization. Advanced system indeed!
* Oh, and the game is animated by yours truly. Like it or not. 🙂 I also did various of other stuff of course…!

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