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Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin Art


Like everybody else I am super inspired by the OCReMix album Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin.

Oh, and this is also what I imagine Sabin and Edgar would do after doing this for hours:

“Na Na Nah!” – Keeping the Dream Alive

I drew this for my step-brother this christmas! I had it printed on a 105 cm x 45 cm tall canvas. 🙂

It’s a tribute to some of my favourite musicians: Movits and Timbuktu . The reason why I wanted to draw them was because:

1. They make great, inspiring music. And I thought they would be a challenge to draw.

2. I can’t stop listening to this song (“Na Na Nah!”) : it’s about keeping your dream alive (music, art, go to space, make the impossible possible!).

3. I noticed my step-brother listened to Movits through Facebook and this picture came to my head. I have promised him a drawing for years and been thinking a lot about what I possibly could draw for him. With this picture floating around in my head I knew it would be something he would like, and I really wanted to make something big and special for him! I think he really liked it!

Here’s the song and here’s what the canvas looks like on his wall!

365 – Musicians

Here are some random musicians who
affected me one way or the other.

These were originally drawn in
2010 June 14:th – 2010 June 20:th

To see an index of all the 365 characters click here.

SunStroke Project

SunStroke project! The best of the Eurovision Songcontest 2010!
Now you might as why I care about the Eurovision Song Contest?
Well, I usually don’t – but once in a while there are geniuses
on that stage. In this case the Saxophonist! <3

Alexander RybakAlexander Rybak!
Some people are tired of him after the hysteria
from 2009  – but I’m not! I have to admit
some of his songs are really lovely – and
he’s a great violinist too! I really enjoy
his new album.

Moto BoyMoto Boy touches my heart when I hear his voice.
One of my favorite songs by him is Beat Heart.
This version on youtube is so wonderful.
I’m truly touched by the story in this song
and this live video makes it ever stronger.
Gives me goose bumps!
You have to see it!

Magnus UgglaMagnus Uggla! A Swedish artist! How could I not include him?
He’s been really important in my childhood.  I listened to his
music non-stop! I even performed dressed like him on my
father’s 40th birthday celebration party! Some people might
find this silly, but really – his music was sooo awesome to me
when I was a kid! Even if he taught me words and cultures
I shouldn’t know of in that age… lol.

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce, oh Bruce Springsteen! There are not words
for you! There is nothing more nostalgic than your music.
I don’t know why, but sometimes when I am lonely,
and miss my family, my brothers, I listen to
Lost in the Flood or Thunderroad I get all teary.
And he still rocks so much!

Music Spotlight – Andreas Grega

More often I run into music I normally wouldn’t listen to – that I end up liking a lot. Here’s an example. Andreas Grega! Can’t get his music off my mind!

And I had to doodle him of course. 🙂

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