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The Din: Character Studies

Some more character sketches for Chapter 1 of The Din!

Misshapen rebels, The captain of Explorer 7 and a younger Lorentz, Sixten (Chauffeur and servant of the Emilio family), a random bartender and finally John Smithens (Major of Richbrille).

Sixten doodle

Doooooooodle of Sixten.

The Din Sketches and Doodles

Some old The Din doodles and sketches I found in my Comic-Work-folder. 🙂 Wee.

The Din – The New Chapter 1 – Preview

An inked panel from the new Chapter 1.
I’m still on schedule with the new first chapter of The Din!

Sixten’s Car 3D ref

Finally made a 3D ref of Sixten’s vehicle in my comic The Din!

Quick, low & unoptimized – just for ref. I love making these because it’s just like sketching. Doesn’t matter if it’s messy, because you are just going to use it as a guideline.

The inside is not made yet. I think that will be a separate ref!

Based on a couple of vehicles from the 30’s-40’s! Daimler, Morris and Rover.

Quick Colortest The Din

Did a quick color test of one of the panels of The Din. Maybe once I’m done redrawing Chapter 1 and back on regular updates, I will consider getting colors into the pages…!

The Din Update – Chapter 2 – Page 40

Sixten and Gregg.

The Din was updated today!

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