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Sketch Jam 007

Old sketches!

Oh, I love how the floating face at the top sketch looks like how I drew back in 2003… ! How did that happen!?

Sketch Jam 008

Various sketches.

Sketch Jam 006

Sketches from 2011.

Sketch Jam 005

old sketches!

Sketch Jam 003

Some sketches!

The top left face in the second image is probably an attempt at Korra and I think there’s a doodle of Soli from the Meek on that third drawing… ! Totally forgot I drew that!


Two sketches I drew when me and land had a
4 hours challenge! Miss drawing with you kichisu! <3


From an old sketch jam. Don’t remember what the key words were…

But I really like the thumbnail sketch (second one!)

Vargen (The Wolf)

From a sketch jam a year ago. We were to interpret characters from the Swedish comics/cartoon Bamse into humans. We got random characters. I got Vargen (The Wolf)! 🙂

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