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Random guy lighting his cig!

I’m trying to draw more – have been inking and editing way too much lately!

Omg, that duck!

Some weird mix of The Din doodles and rand-… OH GOSH, THAT DUCK!!!

The Din sketches

Some sketches and studies for the next chapters of The Din. These were made 2011 and 2012.


My first “proper” flash-rig (doll? puppet?)… And this is my first quick animation test! Haven’t done anything with the hands yet. This rig took me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than making a Maya-rig. Esp. the face chart. But I think I will get the hang of it when I made a few characters and learn the shortcuts. 🙂 I’m still accidentally using Maya short cuts all the time… But, it’s fun this far!

Made this with the help of a really nice tutorial at Lynda by Dermot O’ Connor.  This rig tutorial only uses tweens (classic and shape) so I yet need to test the bone-feature in Flash. I’ve heard it’s a lot like bones/nodes in a 3D program so hopefully I won’t run into a lot of issues. 🙂

If any of you animators have any suggestions on Flash tutorials, please send them to me. Trying to get the hang of Flash again!

(And yes – for those who asked – the Pilot I posted a while back was not made in Flash actually. I made it in Maya and Unity 3D! Kinda the same work-flow but completely different tools. :))

Sketches 001


Some random sketches. Mostly characters from The Din.

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