The books of the 365 project

I present to you – the books I drew all those 365 characters in.

A Moleskine Large (almost in the size of an a5) and an a6 pocket sized book with black airplanes on it. 😀

365 project books photo 01The books!

365 project books photo 02An other angle!

365 project books photo 03

And inside! 🙂 I mostly drew one character a
page in the small one (only 1 side) because
the paper was a bit thin.

In the Moleskine I drew 2-10
characters a page (counting on both sides a page)!

I drew 73 characters in the pocket sized airplane-book (book no 1 in the project) and 292 characters were drawn in the Moleskine (book no 2 in the project).

I will continue posting all of the characters here at my blog. I am aiming to post 1 theme each 4th or 5th day. Stay tuned! 🙂

During the year I drew the 365 project I:

  • turned 24
  • became a board member
  • went on a lovely road trip with Robert and his parents
  • went to Copenhagen’s christmas fair with mom and Robert
  • went to a japanese spa with mom
  • went to visit dad a couple of times
  • went to visit my brothers a couple of times
  • celebrated new years eve in Gothenburg
  • went to spx10 in Stockholm and slept over at Diana and Andreas place
  • participated in 2 reunions with friends from university and upper secondary school
  • visited a co-worker in Helsingborg, played football and looked at a beautiful garden
  • watched my step brother graduate
  • saw one of my comedian idols
  • had my first bed bug invasion (super unpleasant)
  • went to the gym three times a week
  • worked 8-11 hours a day (duh!)
  • finished drawing chapter 3 of Forsupen LMS
  • took part of several art trade rounds over at PE
  • colored two covers for Jeff
  • got my Ballerina Mario artwork exhibited in Madrid on Super Mario’s 25th birthday
  • somehow got my tinitus worsened
  • got successful neck-treatments to soothe my worsened tinitus
  • celebrated midsummer’s eve with good friends
  • successfully took two distance courses in Flash Animation and Concept Art in the evenings
  • started participating in a tegakie TF2 rp (fun times!)
  • started playing TF2


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