Drew these thanks to a group on facebook where you are to draw 1 sketch each hour for 6 hours straight. All of them didn’t take 60 minutes (more like 20-40 minutes each).
Breaks were allowed! 🙂

I am so happy I am drawing regularly again!

These drawings comes in a somewhat stupid order. The last one I drew comes first and the first one I drew is on the bottom…


Older Gregg from Försupen.

Some of the main characters of Försupen. Tova is upset because Lorentz – her dad – is going on a “vacation” with his co-workers and she can’t come along. She sure has some separation anxiety when it comes to her dad.

Lucky Luke from … himself!

Sokka from Avatar the last Airbender

Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Edmund Edes from Försupen.

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