365 – a tribute to my friends and idols! part 1

This week I decided to draw characters
of my dear friends, colleagues and idols! This
is part1 of more to come in the future!
But next week I will draw robots.

Monsieur - Monni's Character from Desert Rose
Monni’s character Monsieur of Desert Rose!
My nickname for him is Mossan. I love Monni’s
character design. Mossan is one of my favorites
among her characters!

Arana - Jenny Hannula's character from Åtta Ben från Underjorden
Jenny’s character Araña of Åtta Ben Från Underjorden!
I love Jenny’s art style and her characters are all very well made!
Gotta love Araña’s strong, skinny, silhouette with all that hair!
Dino Man Fang from Petter's comic Dino Man Fang

Petter Thomée
‘s character Fang of Dino Man Fang!
The design speaks for itself. It’s full of awesome! 🙂 A
bit difficult for me to draw though.
Nina Lionheart - Aggi's character

‘s character Nina! Nina is such a
gracious and beautiful character. Her personality
is really strong as well! Take a look at Aggi’s art!

Dores - Emelie Friberg and Mattias Thorelli's character
Emelie & Mattias
‘ character Dores of What Birds Know!
Wow, I just love Emelie’s and Mattias’ characters.
Dores must be my favourite. Love her attitude.
I love character designs with unique shapes and traits!
This drawing does not make Dores justice though.
You gotta check her out in their comic!
Steve / Steven / Joe / Hey macarena - Lisa Medin's character from her comic Medley

Lisa Medin
‘s character “Zip!”, “ZACK!” or perhaps “Steve!” of Medley!
(I thought that part of the comic was hillarious!) I think the part I fell
for in his design is his hair and nose! Yummy and flow:y!
+ He and Aggi’s Grand would be a hot perfect match!
And Rosita can be part of the match as well! xD

Mikaela from Stef Gaines comic Anima
Stef Gaines
‘ character Mikaela of Anima!
Mikaela is such a cute character, I always
adored her style of clothes. I finally got to do
Stef’s character justice! I drew her characters
way back – and it was really rushed.

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