365 – Försupen Characters part 1

January 09 – January 15 was a Försupen week. Because I wanted new art for the cast-page on the Försupen homepage. 🙂 Some of these didn’t turn out too well. I will probably redo Lorentz completely and Tova’s leg is a bit messed up. but the other one’s I will use, I think!
My favourite ones this round is Fozt and Rosita!

Next week I will post my week of the Moomins! 🙂


Fozt! That can of beer looks a bit squeezed…

Edmund! I kind of like how he turned out too.

Denilou! I think I am finally getting the hang of his
body shape, though I need to exagerate it a bit more.
Thin legs, a bit thicker muscular arms and belly sticking
slight out compared to chest (at least more compared to
the other taller characters).

Merleva in her café-uniform. 🙂

Tova in a weird pose!

Rosita being excited about some
fluids of DOOOOOOOOM. Or just regular
hot water, who knows…

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