365 – Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke! I love Lucky Luke,
and I regret all the comic albums
we threw away when moving out
of our childhood home.

These were originally drawn
2010 August 13:nth – 2010 August 19:nth

To see an index of all the 365 characters click here.

Lucky Luke from Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke from Lucky Luke

Jolly Jumper from Lucky LukeJolly Jumper from Lucky Luke

Rantanplan from Lucky LukeRantanplan from Lucky Luke

Joe, William, Jack and Avarell Dalton from Lucky LukeJoe, William, Jack and Avarell Dalton from Lucky Luke

3 thoughts on “365 – Lucky Luke”

  1. Hi Karl,I can surely see just how much you love the chierdln and how they can explore their drawing abilities that God has given to them through your giftof art and story telling.You, my friend, are a blessing to the world. May God continue to bless your gifts that He has given to you.P.S. I wish that I could find a handsel !

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