365 – Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
was one of my favorite SNES games when I
was a kid. I am planning on buying it on VC!
After all, this was one of the games that
got myself into learning English earlier
than my fellow class mates. I might as
well get the story more now that I am older.

These were originally drawn
2010 November 08:th – 2010 November 14:th

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Mario from Super Mario RPGMario from Super Mario RPG

Geno from Super Mario RPGGeno from Super Mario RPG

Mallow from Super Mario RPGMallow from Super Mario RPG

Booster from Super Mario RPG
Booster from Super Mario RPG

Bowser from Super Mario RPGBowser from Super Mario RPG

Chancellor from Super Mario RPGChancellor from Super Mario RPG

Peach from Super Mario RPGPeach from Super Mario RPG

2 thoughts on “365 – Super Mario RPG”

  1. So, first of all, I had a brain-spazz and couldn’t reemebmr what rpg stood for, so I googled “what is rpg?” Top of the list:rpgAbbreviation: 1. Report program generator, a high-level commercial computer programming language.2. Rocket-propelled grenade.Second on the list was a site for a role playing game. Second. After rocket propelled grenade.Anyway, I always wanted to star on Broadway, preferably in a big rocking’ musical. I actually lived in NYC for a while and went to a handful of open calls. Did you know you have to be able to sing?Like, really well? And dance, too…usually at the same time? Boy, the things they don’t put in the fine print…

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