Characters of Friends and Idols part 4

Like the title says – here’s a an other week of
characters created by my friends and idols. :)

These were originally drawn in
2010 September 11:nth – 2010 June 17:nth

To see an index of all the 365 characters click here.

Suma - Brianne Goetz character

Suma – Brianne Goetz’ character

Draupadi - Gaia Gandolfo's characterDraupadi – Gaia Gandolfo‘s character

Sour Lime - Amanda Stoner's characterSour Lime – Amanda Stoner‘s character

Victor - Lauren Mann's characterVictor – Lauren Mann‘s character

G - Jenny Lundin's characterG – Jenny Lundin‘s character

Teddy - Jeff McClelland's characterTeddy – Jeff McClelland‘s character

Ron - Hedvig Häggman-Sund's characterRon – Hedvig Häggman-Sund‘s character

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