Emilio Mansion 3D Ref

I was supposed to draw comics this evening, but I got so annoyed with myself about not having proper ref. sketches for the Emilios’ Mansion. Some of them are 5 years old and doesn’t make sense. So I decided to make their whole property in 3D real quick. Still need to finish the entrance of the property, the car port, the tree house and the whole garden. But at least I have some really great guidelines for the next pages!

This scene is not optimized at all, it’s for pure reference purpose. I should keep reminding myself that comic-reference 3D-stuff is so easy to make and doesn’t really take a lot of time since I don’t need to think of poly limits at all (like I have to do when I make game assets at work). I can just mash shapes together … (lol, those staircases! xD) And it’s really helpful! Saves a lot of time in the long run!

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