2013 January

This month has been a bit of a race!

Race! Lol. BTW, I based one of my 3D model refs
this vehicle + the  old Damier car.

In december I decided I’d attend to the 3D Character Animation course in Viborg, Denmark 2013. My initial plan was to start working at a company again this spring. I have been to some really exciting interviews and have been very positive about finally starting to work at an office again instead of home. Don’t get me wrong, I loooove working from home, grind tutorials and I love planning my days so that I’ll have more time for my personal projects – but I really miss going to an office and make awesome things with awesome people. You learn so much from it and you can share your victories and defeats with someone!

The 3D reference for Sixten’s car of The Din.

Postponing work/contracts meant a lot of worries about losing my opportunities of work but after some phone calls and talking to my close ones I decided to attend the course first. It’s only 3.5 months – no opportunities are lost! I have always been curious about this school. Besides, I kind of planned to go on a temporary leave to attend to this course while working at Junebud. But since Junebud doesn’t exist anymore and I can’t move to potential new job yet (Don’t want to pay double rent for 6 months!) – the timing couldn’t be more perfect to attend this course. Between jobs! If I’m ever to study there, this is my one opportunity. Only draw back is that I have to pay for it myself, but since I’ve been saving for courses and adventures like these, there is no problem whatsoever.

So what is the race in all this? Well, since I planned on starting to work in march-april I had a lot of work planned out until then. And the course starts in February. This meant I had to grind this work all through January.

New years’ eve!

But I managed to finish most of the things I had planned! Most of it.

Anyway, this is a summary of January!

  • Celebrated new years eve with my dear Agz and our booooooooooys
  • Wrapped up work
  • Drew and Modeled 2D & 3D reference for Chapter 1 of The Din
  • Drawn 23 pages of Chapter 1 of The Din (I planned 30 – but got sick. The rest of the 7 pages are finished now – but in february) (For sake of future stats – The 23 pages were grinded during this period: 7:th-24:th)
  • Ordered a new website  layout for The Din (executed by Jenny Hannula! Can’t wait to show you!)
  • Hit new record in running (16 km! – I’m running a half marathon in May if all goes according to plan!)
  • Spent my 27:th birthday in Lund together with my Robe and our friend Jocke
  • Visited my mom together with Robe, my brothers and their girlfriends. Got some really exciting news there!
  • Went to a fine dining place serving fresh sea food with Robe (his b-day gift to me! First time eating clams!)
  • Bought new running shoes since my old ones ruined my feet and legs… ! (Expensive!)
  • Got an awesome shirt from Agz and Monni for b-day present! Damn I want to play FFVI again.

A panel from the new Chapter 1 of The Din.

The shirt from ma girls! Celes from FFVI!

New shoes! New shoooooes! (Right ones)

So what happens next? In a few days I am moving to Denmark. It’s going to be a few months of adventure, animating, drawing, meeting awesome people and try to run as much as I can. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to participate in the Half Marathon anylonger, since it’s a bit of a hazzle to get to Gothenburg from Viborg – but I’ll do the best I can to stick to my training schedule in case I find a way to go to Gothenburg!

Lund! (Birthday)

Jocke! (Birthday)

Biggest bun ever! (Birthday)

And here’s a photo of me on a rented snowboard from late December. We celebrated christmas in my home town in Dalecarlia. One of the christmas gifts we got this year was to go snowboarding/skiing. I haven’t done this in years! Even though I prefer my own snowboard (couldn’t bring it on the train!) this was a whole lot of fun and brought back a lot of good memories. It was Robe’s first time in the slope, though – I don’t think he had a lot of fun but he was very patient when I had my fun and dad tried to teach him how to ski. 🙂

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