2012 August

Now that it’s official I can finally share the reason why I have been so absent as of late!

The company I have been working for since 2008 has filed bankruptcy. This company has been like a second family to me. It was partially my company after all! I was there from the beginning when it was all late Skype meetings and ideas to an organisation in an office. From 5 people to 20+. It’s indeed really something incredible to have experienced this early in my career! 🙂 I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

It’s been a long and bumpy road with lots of up and downs. We have faced many hardships like these and been able to put our heads together, work really hard and overcome them but this time we did not succeed.

I’m going to be alright but I am very sad about the fate of this company. So many talented people who put their hearts, lives and so much effort into our products. But due to some unfortunate events the company is coming to an end.

I’ve learnt so much these 4 years and I have had a lot of fun. But the last months have been very difficult. These years I’ve dealt with 90h+ weeks of crunches tons of times without any problem because it’s been fun, I’ve been doing it with awesome people, with friends, in the same boat. But to see so many people go, the people you admire wear out, the company slowly going into nothingness and at the same time do 3 people’s worth of work in attempt to keep the company alive have been so draining. This has been going on for some months. I am not lying to you when I say I’ve been doing nothing but sit in my sofa and stare into nothingness when I have been off work (aside from working out – because that is my one and only stress relief these days! Haha!). I’m glad that the waiting for answer about the company’s future is over but I’m very sad about the result.

There is still some work left to do in the aftermath of the bankruptcy but when that’s done next step for me is to update my portfolio and put together all of my best pieces from these years into a new show reel! My portfolio is soooo very old and dusty right now.

I’ll be up and running before you know it! 🙂
I’m really optimistic about where I might end up. It’s scary but sooo exciting!

Thanks for everyone’s support through these years, friends and family! Esp. thanks to my Robe and to Kichisu & Monni for being there for me this year when I’ve been stressed out about the future! <3 <3

There, now that I have written this on tumblr, I think I have shared it on all channels. Now I can move on! 🙂 And maybe start posting more interesting stuff. Sooon! 🙂

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