You always need water, man!

Sorry for not keeping up with the regular posting of doodles. Here’s some fresh doodles that I made… 5 minutes ago to make up for it. 😀

(I have no idea what that is about.)

(Jet Link (Cyborg 002) from Cyborg 009 because Stef quoted him on facebook! :))

I have been really busy lately. Every weekend I go away somewhere, so it is kind of hectic. Gotta work overtime to catch up on the hours I took off to be able to go home to Ludvika last weekend (I visited family and attended to my friends’ very beautiful wedding!) And on Saturday I am going on a short trip to Gothenburg.

The recent evenings I have been trying to catch up on my own projects, actually. There is never time for that! I did my second attempt on putting a ComicPress layout together for Försupen. It looks alright now, but it still looks like something that everyone has on their comicpress layouts. xD (The only layout that works IMO) Is there anyone who likes to create custom themes for ComicPress to WordPress? Be my guest. plox! Oh, and I haven’t updated Försupen yet, I just linked it… but I will! SOOOON. I have been up late nights working on the new layout, structure and also trying to prepare working on the next chapters. Trying to plan it out more in detail so that I won’t stress next time there is time to work on a new chapter (in like… ages!).

Late nights = sleepy Karrey. So I am going to try really hard to go to bed early today! It just sucks to sleep when creativity flows.

Today’s highlight: randomly started to speak to a really nice woman while waiting for the train this morning. I love it when you can pick up a conversation with a stranger like that, like you knew her/him before.

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