Theme: speechless!

You probably noticed that I try to post at regular basis again. It’s been… 3 years since?I really need to draw more, so I try to doodle something every day. Either work on what I already need to finish or silly doodles if I don’t have the energy to do something serious.

Here’s Gregg and Elsa from Försupen on the theme “speechless”.

Elsa looks more shocked than speechless and Gregg looks… surprised? XD I tried at least!

Oh, and Försupen is not dead, in case any of you wondered. I have pages to post but I just haven’t gotten around to do it. The layout I have now is really a pain in the neck to update, so I am trying to set up a comicpress wordpress layout since a long time ago. I am kind of lost in the code. I probably need to start over.

My point is that as soon as I get the webpage going again, I plan to post the rest of the pages of chapter 2 – and after that really struggle to update at regular basis again. At least 4 pages a month.

At a complete different note, my stomach has been really weird today AND yesterday. Probably the outcome of eating fast food late on sunday.

(Argh! Says Karrey.)

Today’s highlight: Biking home went better today.
But tomorrow I will probably not bike because I need to stay at work some extra hours.
Also, my back hurts a lot. :S

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