Wow, I slept for way too long today. I just got home from grocery shopping and half of the day has passed. Argh! Anyway, I was going to write a short entry about OMGPOP. It’s a community with tons of mini games. My friend Emelie introduced it to me and yesterday we played one game called Draw My Thing, which was super funny. It’s a draw-and-guess game. Time really flies by while playing that game. Then I tried out Putt Putt Penguin which was really funny too. It’s like mini golf, except it’s on ice and you need putt your penguin into the whole. I won twice but it felt really random. My mouse started to act up one time and I dropped the sling repeatedly without actually clicking. XD

Check out OMGPOP!

Today’s highlight: played Mario Kart online. Lost points but re-won them. People are darn good at that game around the globe. I don’t stand a chance!

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