Soaking wet!

Today the weather started to get really bad around 17:00 (super dark clouds and thunder!).
I started biking home around 18:30 and halfway home the rain started pouring down like crazy
and around me there were lots of thunder and lightning! Cozy! Reminds me of summers back
home a bit. The rain was less cozy though. :S

(I rock at drawing bikes…)

My body feels all sore. Yesterday evening/night me and Robert helped our friends moving. Since the trains are going at irregular basis we had to take a bus and ended up on the wrong side of where we live (there were no other bus-stops!). We got back home at 01:30. He slept like a log but I could hardly sleep because of all the activity. XD Went back up 06:30 and jumped onto my bike on new adventures! Have been sleepy all day, though.

Today’s highlight: got messages and mails from lots of awesome people. Gotta reply asap! 🙂

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